We will be breaking our points into Small Track, Big track, and Overall championships.

106 Race park, Claremont Karting, Ducktona, and Londonderry Raceway will count towards the Small Track championship

Lee USA Speedway, Monadnock Speedway, Hudson Speedway, Claremont Motorsports Park, and Londonderry Raceway will count towards the Big Track Championship.

This system was devised in order to help racers that may not be able to make it to all the series races. Small and big track championships will still have one drop race each with overall having two. 


  1. Sat 5/2         106 Race Park                                    Pembroke, NH
  2. Sun 5/10      Claremont Karting                           Claremont, NH
  3. Sun 5/17      Lee USA Speedway                          Lee, NH
  4.  Sat 6/6        Monadnock Speedaway                  Winchester, NH
  5. Sat 6/13       Londonderry Raceway                    Londonderry, NH
  6. Fri  6/26       Lee USA Speedway                         Lee, NH
  7. Fri 7/10        Claremont Motorsports Park        Claremont, NH
  8. Sat 7/18       DUCKTONA                                        Richmond, ME
  9. Fri 7/31         Lee USA Speedway                          Lee, NH
  10. Sun 8/9       Claremont Karting                           Claremont, NH
  11. Sat  8/15      106 Race Park                                    Pembroke, NH
  12. Sat 8/29      Londonderry Raceway                    Londonderry, NH
  13. Mon 9/7      Hudson Speedway                           Hudson, NH
  14. Sat 9/12       Monadnock Speedway                   Winchester, NH

Files coming soon.